Youth Organizing & Leadership Development 

Cultural Empowerment & Education 

Immigration & Housing Support Services

Youth Organizing & Leadership Development Programs

Our youth programs empower Vietnamese youth by equipping them with the language, skills, and capacity for social justice activism and organizing. These programs include learning about and addressing power structures, developing leadership through activism and media training, nurturing personal growth in social justice contexts, promoting civic engagement, uplifting Vietnamese narratives, and building a foundation for future leaders committed to economic and social justice. Additionally, these programs emphasize the vital role of learning and practicing the Vietnamese language, fostering a deeper cultural connection while advancing their social change endeavors.

Lên Tiếng l Tiến Tới

Lên Tiếng l Tiến Tới (Raise Your Voice, Charge Forward) is a dynamic program for youth aged 14-18 interested in exploring Vietnamese identity, mental health wellness, community activism, and service. Youth will be supported in building meaningful connections with peers, nurturing self-worth and identity empowerment, and developing vital social and wellness skills, culminating in a valuable journey of personal growth and transformation.

This is an 8-week program that occurs at the beginning of every year. Participants will attend one meeting per week.


Tự Lực Social Justice Academy

Tự Lực (self-strengthening) Social Justice Academy is a leadership development program for youth aged 14-18 interested in delving into Vietnamese history, exploring the vibrant spectrum of past and present social justice movements, and unearthing the captivating history of social justice organizing within Vietnamese communities across Orange County and the United States.

This is a 5-week program that occurs in the Spring every year. Participants will attend two meetings per week.


Thế Lực Cộng Đồng Civic Engagement Internship

Thế Lực Cộng Đồng is a leadership program for youth aged 14-18 who are passionate about community organizing, activism, and driving civic engagement within their local community. Youth will learn essential community organizing skills and will be equipped with essential political education throughout this internship program.

This program is by invitation. Participants will receive a stipend for their participation.


Volunteer and Service Opportunities

Service opportunities are for any young person who is interested in volunteering with VietRISE! Volunteers will receive community service hours, letters of recommendations*, and network with other high school youth. Snacks will be provided at most volunteer activities.

*Students who volunteer for at least 3 events or 6 hours can request a letter of recommendation.

Get in touch with us by emailing with the subject line [Youth Volunteer or Service Opportunities]!

Cultural Empowerment & Education Programs

Our cultural empowerment programs celebrate the interconnected histories and experiences of refugees, immigrants, and people of color. Through art and culture events, immersive historical tours of Little Saigon, and vibrant cross-cultural festivals, we uplift our communities’ resilience, foster cross-cultural solidarity, empower Vietnamese identity, and advocate for human rights and social justice in a spirit of unity and celebration.

Political Tours of Little Saigon

Our engaging tours provide participants with an immersive experience into the historical and political landscape of Little Saigon, offering insights into its development, challenges, and triumphs while connecting these stories to larger narratives of social justice and immigrant rights.

Currently, we offer tours to local high school classes and clubs, and college classes and organizations.

Bring Human Rights Home Festival

In collaboration with the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) and the Harbor Institute for Immigrant and Economic Justice, this day-long festival celebrates the vibrant diversity and resilience of Little Saigon. Through music, cultural celebrations, art, food, community resources, small business vendors and more, this festival began as a testament to our unwavering commitment to defending sanctuary, combating hate, and shaping a future where human rights are at the forefront.

This event serves as a platform for celebrating cross-cultural solidarity among the Vietnamese, Mexican, and Central American communities of Little Saigon. It is a day for all generations to come together, celebrate our identities, envision a better world, and demand that elected officials prioritize the well-being and dignity of our communities.

Immigration & Housing Support Services

Our Immigration and Housing Support Services Programs are designed to address critical needs within Vietnamese immigrant communities of Orange County. These programs provide vital assistance and resources to individuals and families facing immigration-related challenges and housing instability.

Immigration Support Services

  • Legal Assistance: VietRISE connects individuals with immigration attorneys and legal experts who can provide guidance on immigration matters. This includes help with navigating post-incarceration and potential ICE detention, deportation defense, and obtaining IDs and work permits.
  • Deportation Defense through Participatory Defense Model: In certain cases where community members face deportation or removal proceedings, VietRISE collaborates with the affected individuals, their families, and legal experts to provide defense strategies, resources, and support.
  • Advocacy and Policy Change: VietRISE actively engages in policy advocacy to bring about systemic changes in immigration laws and policies that affect the community. This involves campaigns, lobbying, and collaboration with other advocacy organizations. We connect community members affected by these issues to lead and participate in these efforts.

For assistance, please call (714) 587-1852 or email us at

Housing Support Services

  • Housing Navigation: On a limited basis, we assist community members in finding affordable housing options, including connecting them with resources for affordable housing applications.
  • Tenant Rights Education: We conduct workshops and provide resources to inform mobile home owners and tenants about their rights and avenues for addressing housing-related issues.


VietRISE advances social justice and builds power with working-class Vietnamese and immigrant communities in Orange County. We build leadership and create systemic change through organizing, narrative change, cultural empowerment, and civic engagement.

VietRISE is fiscally sponsored by Tides Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


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