VietRISE in the Media (Selected News)

Dat Viet (03-29-20): Thành phố Westminster có thể ban hành lệnh cấm đuổi người thuê nhà

LAist (03-27-20): Understanding ‘Stay-At-Home’ When It’s Not In Your Language

Voice of OC: (03-27-20): Westminster Could Join Number of OC Cities Banning Evictions

SBTN (03-27-20): Coverage of Coronavirus OC Multicultural Press Conference (PHÓNG SỰ CỘNG ĐỒNG: Livestream phổ biến kiến thức phòng ngừa coronavirus cùng VietRise)

Voice of OC (03-24-20): The 2020 Census Count Goes On In Orange County Despite COVID-19

Nguoi Viet (03-20-20): VNCCC họp báo về ảnh hưởng của 2020 Census đối với cộng đồng người Việt

Voice of OC (03-19-20): Gaps In Coronavirus Outreach to Non-English Speaking Families & Businesses

LA Times: (03-19-20): Community meeting held to shed light on racism stemming from coronavirus

Orange Juice Blog (03-16-20): First emergency COVID-19 letter to Board of Supervisors

LA Times (03-12-20): Little Saigon community meeting outlines importance of Vietnamese Americans taking part in census

LA Times (03-04-20): Community organizations work to engage undercounted and underrepresented populations ahead of 2020 census

MTV News (02-20-20): Politicians Are Finally Paying Attention To Asian-American Voters — But Will It Be Enough To Earn Their Votes? 

VietRISE / TomMedia (10-25-19): We Celebrate Sanctuary Here / Bring Human Rights Home Video Reel

OC Weekly (10-21-19): Little Saigon Becomes Hub of Cross-Cultural Pro-Sanctuary Activism

LA Times / Times OC (10-18-19): OC Vietnamese American activists urge youth to speak up for their beliefs

Spectrum News 1 (08-26-19): Vietnamese Leaders Slammed for Siding with Trump // View VIDEO

  • Leaders in Orange County are coming under fire from the Vietnamese community for siding with the Trump administration on immigration law.

LA Times (08-08-19): Coalition publishes letter blasting O.C. and Westminster officials for stances against Calif.’s sanctuary law

OC Weekly (07-23-19): VietRISE March Demands OC Vietnamese Leaders “Bring Human Rights Home”

Voice of OC (07-22-19): La: We Were Also Told to “Go Back”, It’s time for Vietnamese-American Electeds to “Bring Human Rights Home” (Op-Ed by our Executive Director)

Spectrum News 1 (06-18-19): Garden Grove Lights Clock Tower With Rainbows for Pride Month

La Opinión (03-27-19): Familiares temen el traslado de inmigrantes detenidos a otros estados

LAist (02-26-19): Orange County Is About To Go From 1,200 Places To Vote To 188. Why That Could Be A Good Thing

NBC News (12-20-18): In 2018, Vietnamese Americans found new political prominence

OC Weekly (12-17-18): Rally in Little Saigon protests Trump’s plan to deport Vietnamese refugees

LA Times (12-15-18): Vietnamese Americans rally in Little Saigon against Trump administration’s push to deport thousands of war refugees

Nguoi Viet (12-16-18): Biểu tình ‘Bảo vệ người Việt tị nạn’ tại Little Saigon

Viet Bao (12-15-18): Nhân Quyền cho đồng bào Việt tại Mỹ: Hiệp Ước 2008 và Quyền Tại Cư của Người Việt Tỵ Nạn

NBC News (10-29-18): Congressional battleground expands to historically conservative Little Saigon

Nguoi Viet (10-8-18): ‘Giving back’ just one reason why Vietnamese-Americans volunteer

Viet Bao (06-01-18): Diễn Đàn Bầu Cử: Người Trẻ Tìm Hiểu, Hội Thảo, Dấn Bước

Viet Bao (04-15-18): Vụ kiện “Tiểu Bang An Toàn” – Ai chống, Ai ủng hộ? Sợ hay Không Sợ?

Viet Bao (04-14-18): Thành Phố Westminster Chống Lại Đạo Luật “Tiểu Bang Trú Ẩn”: Góc Nhìn Từ Một Người Việt Tị Nạn (when VietRISE was formerly VOCEP)

Nguoi Viet (04-12-18): Westminster bỏ phiếu ủng hộ vụ kiện ‘Tiểu Bang An Toàn’ (when VietRISE was formerly VOCEP)



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