VietRISE aims to increase civic participation, create ongoing opportunities for leadership development, and foster transformative relationships and practices that advance economic, gender, and social justice in the Viet community in Orange County.



Please view our values statements here: VietRISE values.


VietRISE was founded in late February 2018 with the goal of strengthening and supporting civic engagement and organizing efforts within the Vietnamese community in Orange County to advance the growing movement for racial, economic, gender, environmental, and social justice. Since its inception, VietRISE has actively worked on the following: immigrant rights, housing affordability and accessibility, youth and intergenerational leadership development, civic engagement, and political education.

Orange County is home to the largest population of Viet(namese) people outside of Viet Nam with a total of nearly 200,000 people. We acknowledge our identities and stories as Viet people in diaspora are often rooted in trauma and war, but recognize that our community holds a multitude of narratives and histories. We aim to honor the multiplicities of our Viet identities and hxstories by actively holding space for and honoring all lived experiences.

VietRISE aims to create ongoing opportunities for leadership development, increase civic participation, and foster transformative relationships and practices in the Vietnamese community in Orange County that would empower our community to have the self-determination and tools to address these issues together through campaigns, direct action, policy change, leadership development, interpersonal and community growth and healing.

VietRISE began with one staff member and, as of December 2018, has now grown to a team of 3 with a growing, active base of supporters and volunteers.

Our Team

Tracy La
Executive Director

Tracy La is the Executive Director and founder of VietRISE. Her focus is on building a progressive base of Viet community members through campaign strategizing, civic engagement, political education, organizing, and intentional relationship building with the Viet community and other communities around interconnected issues.

Tracy graduated from UC Irvine with degrees in Social Policy & Public Service and Political Science. Before working at VietRISE, she established one of the largest voter registration and civic engagement programs in the UC and in Orange County in partnership with community organizations. Her previous work also includes mental health access, college affordability, policy and governance, and immigrant rights.

Allison Vo
Youth Organizing & Campaign Coordinator

Allison is the Youth Organizing and Campaign Coordinator. Her programs focus on individual and community-level consciousness-raising for young Viet community members through socio-political education, leadership development, and civic engagement.

Allison graduated cum laude from UC San Diego as a first generation college student, with degrees in Ethnic Studies and Sociology-Social Inequality. During her time at UCSD, she worked for and supported undergraduates and San Diego community members through socio-political education, academic and wellness counseling, and legal assistance.

Vincent Tran
Community Engagement Coordinator

Vincent is the Community Engagement Coordinator at VietRISE. He coordinates VietRISE’s community outreach and research efforts to develop a stronger relationship with and understanding of the Vietnamese community in Orange County.

Vincent holds a BA in Political Science from UC Berkeley. Before working at VietRISE, he worked on various community campaigns and organized with progressive Vietnamese community organizations around Vietnamese oral history research, civic engagement, and connecting diverse stories and perspectives to bridge the relationship between the Vietnamese community and other communities of color.