VietRISE COVID-19 Immigrant Community Relief Fund

Applications for our fund are now closed.

Thank you for your understanding and for sharing this fund with community members in Orange County.

About VietRISE

VietRISE is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to advance social justice and empower low-income Vietnamese and immigrant communities in Orange County. We build leadership and create systemic change through organizing, narrative change, cultural empowerment, and civic engagement.

About the Relief Fund

The VietRISE COVID-19 Immigrant Community Relief Fund will provide cash assistance of $800 per individual for undocumented and impacted Vietnamese immigrants in Orange County who are experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is an estimated 15,000 undocumented Vietnamese immigrants in Orange County. The fund will prioritize Vietnamese immigrants who have not received any state or federal relief for COVID-19. 

We hope to connect applicants with immigrant rights advocacy and community networks in the near future to build relationships between Vietnamese immigrants and other immigrant communities, and create systemic, policy change in the county and state that empowers immigrants and refugees.

How Much Funding is Available?

Each person who is approved for financial relief through this fund will receive an Omni (physical) cash card:

  • $800 per individual
  • $1600 maximum per household

Each cash card will include an additional $5 to cover administrative or ATM fees.

Who Can Apply?

This fund is for undocumented/impacted Vietnamese immigrants living in Orange County, CA. To be eligible for the fund, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be Vietnamese
  • Have Impacted/Undocumented immigrant Status:
    • Undocumented /impacted Vietnamese immigrants
    • Immigrants with expired Green Cards 
    • Students with expired student or work visas
    • Vietnamese immigrants impacted by detention and/or deportation
  • Live in Orange County, CA
  • Have experienced financial hardship due to COVID-19 (for example: loss of income, temporarily not working, inability to pay rent, loss of job, etc.)
  • Be an adult 18 years or older
  • Preference will be given to those who are unable to qualify for other benefits (for example: CARES Act Stimulus, Unemployment, DRAI, etc.)

The grant will be a one-time grant, one per individual, max 2 per household.

Where Does This Funding Come From?

The funding that VietRISE will be distributing to Vietnamese community members through our fund came from our fundraising efforts that we received from individual and foundation donors through the California Immigrant Resilience Fund (CIRF).

The funding through VietRISE’s COVID-19 Immigrant Community Relief Fund was made possible in large part to undocumented and immigrant community members’ community organizing and activism efforts to provide financial relief for our undocumented community members.

Verification & Distribution Process:



Applications for our fund are now closed. Thank you for your understanding and for sharing this fund with community members in Orange County.

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