REST: Resisting, Existing, Surviving to Thriving

  • We aim to work with and for our community to fight for dignified living conditions on our own terms. We aim to equip ourselves and our communities with the tools needed to create positive social change towards an inclusive and better living environment for all people, so that we can celebrate and thrive. We know that the process of resisting, existing, surviving, and thriving happens nonlinearly and can sometimes take place all at once.

Local Community Organizing with Global and Long-Term Intent

  • We believe that the organizing that happens in Vietnamese communities in Orange County sends ripple effects of change in Vietnamese communities across the country and beyond. We are committed to organizing with our local communities to build long-term leadership and create systematic change that results in self-determination and thriving, safe communities for all people.

Cross-Cultural Solidarity and Collective Action

  • We believe that our struggles and the health and safety of our communities are interconnected. We know that marginalized communities face oppression through multiple structures and conditions. We seek to work with groups through coalitions, collaborations, and partnerships to dismantle systems that continue to harm our communities. Ultimately, we aim to work together toward social, economic, racial, health, and immigrant justice for all communities.

Uplifting Viet Intergenerational Narratives, Histories, and Leadership

  • We value that leadership in our community ranges from young people to elders and that all should be cultivated, honored, and uplifted. We believe leadership should also be challenged through intentional discourse and action when there are differences in understanding and strategy.
  • We acknowledge our identities and stories as Viet people in diaspora are often rooted in trauma and war, but recognize that our community holds a multitude of narratives and histories. We aim to honor the multiplicities of our Viet identities and histories by actively holding space for all lived experiences.

Sustainability and Culture of Healing and Wellness

  • We believe in creating a culture of healing that prioritizes mental and emotional wellness and de-stigmatizes mental health. We believe that utilizing restorative practices and setting healthy boundaries in our everyday work and interpersonal relationships is vital for our personal and community health.