VietRISE in the Media (Selected News)

Nguoi Viet (09-17-20): Một người gốc Việt sắp bị trục xuất dù được xóa án (09-14-20): Tony Pham, Acting ICE Director: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • “We want to send a very clear message to Tony Pham that his background as a refugee is not as relevant as his background excusing, justifying, enabling the violations of human rights committed by ICE to our refugee communities the world over,” said Salvador Sarmiento, national campaign director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

    Tracy La, executive director of VietRISE, emphasized that Pham has “built an entire career off criminalizing and incarcerating migrants.”

    After the press conference, a group of activists gathered at ICE headquarters to deliver a copy of the joint statement to Pham. They weren’t admitted to the building, and nobody from ICE came down to meet with them, so the statement was ultimately slipped under a door.

Latino Rebels (09-09-20): Advocates Representing Various Refugee Groups Ask New ICE Director to “Bring Human Rights Home”

BBC News Tieng viet (08-31-20): Mỹ: Việc LS Tony Phạm làm giám đốc mới của ICE gây tranh cãi

NBC News (08-28-20): Tony Pham, new interim ICE director and Vietnamese refugee, draws criticism from Asian groups

Voice of OC (06-05-20): Garden Grove Protest Displays Cross-Cultural and Racial Solidarity Years in the Making

Spectrum News 1 (04-40-20): Census Could Determine Response to Next Pandemic

Dat Viet (03-29-20): Thành phố Westminster có thể ban hành lệnh cấm đuổi người thuê nhà

LAist (03-27-20): Understanding ‘Stay-At-Home’ When It’s Not In Your Language

Voice of OC: (03-27-20): Westminster Could Join Number of OC Cities Banning Evictions

SBTN (03-27-20): Coverage of Coronavirus OC Multicultural Press Conference (PHÓNG SỰ CỘNG ĐỒNG: Livestream phổ biến kiến thức phòng ngừa coronavirus cùng VietRise)

Voice of OC (03-24-20): The 2020 Census Count Goes On In Orange County Despite COVID-19

Nguoi Viet (03-20-20): VNCCC họp báo về ảnh hưởng của 2020 Census đối với cộng đồng người Việt

Voice of OC (03-19-20): Gaps In Coronavirus Outreach to Non-English Speaking Families & Businesses

LA Times: (03-19-20): Community meeting held to shed light on racism stemming from coronavirus

Orange Juice Blog (03-16-20): First emergency COVID-19 letter to Board of Supervisors

LA Times (03-12-20): Little Saigon community meeting outlines importance of Vietnamese Americans taking part in census

LA Times (03-04-20): Community organizations work to engage undercounted and underrepresented populations ahead of 2020 census

MTV News (02-20-20): Politicians Are Finally Paying Attention To Asian-American Voters — But Will It Be Enough To Earn Their Votes? 

VietRISE / TomMedia (10-25-19): We Celebrate Sanctuary Here / Bring Human Rights Home Video Reel

OC Weekly (10-21-19): Little Saigon Becomes Hub of Cross-Cultural Pro-Sanctuary Activism

LA Times / Times OC (10-18-19): OC Vietnamese American activists urge youth to speak up for their beliefs

Spectrum News 1 (08-26-19): Vietnamese Leaders Slammed for Siding with Trump // View VIDEO

  • Leaders in Orange County are coming under fire from the Vietnamese community for siding with the Trump administration on immigration law.

LA Times (08-08-19): Coalition publishes letter blasting O.C. and Westminster officials for stances against Calif.’s sanctuary law

OC Weekly (07-23-19): VietRISE March Demands OC Vietnamese Leaders “Bring Human Rights Home”

Voice of OC (07-22-19): La: We Were Also Told to “Go Back”, It’s time for Vietnamese-American Electeds to “Bring Human Rights Home” (Op-Ed by our Executive Director)

Spectrum News 1 (06-18-19): Garden Grove Lights Clock Tower With Rainbows for Pride Month

La Opinión (03-27-19): Familiares temen el traslado de inmigrantes detenidos a otros estados

LAist (02-26-19): Orange County Is About To Go From 1,200 Places To Vote To 188. Why That Could Be A Good Thing

NBC News (12-20-18): In 2018, Vietnamese Americans found new political prominence

OC Weekly (12-17-18): Rally in Little Saigon protests Trump’s plan to deport Vietnamese refugees

LA Times (12-15-18): Vietnamese Americans rally in Little Saigon against Trump administration’s push to deport thousands of war refugees

Nguoi Viet (12-16-18): Biểu tình ‘Bảo vệ người Việt tị nạn’ tại Little Saigon

Viet Bao (12-15-18): Nhân Quyền cho đồng bào Việt tại Mỹ: Hiệp Ước 2008 và Quyền Tại Cư của Người Việt Tỵ Nạn

NBC News (10-29-18): Congressional battleground expands to historically conservative Little Saigon

Nguoi Viet (10-8-18): ‘Giving back’ just one reason why Vietnamese-Americans volunteer

Viet Bao (06-01-18): Diễn Đàn Bầu Cử: Người Trẻ Tìm Hiểu, Hội Thảo, Dấn Bước

Viet Bao (04-15-18): Vụ kiện “Tiểu Bang An Toàn” – Ai chống, Ai ủng hộ? Sợ hay Không Sợ?

Viet Bao (04-14-18): Thành Phố Westminster Chống Lại Đạo Luật “Tiểu Bang Trú Ẩn”: Góc Nhìn Từ Một Người Việt Tị Nạn (when VietRISE was formerly VOCEP)

Nguoi Viet (04-12-18): Westminster bỏ phiếu ủng hộ vụ kiện ‘Tiểu Bang An Toàn’ (when VietRISE was formerly VOCEP)



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